Wednesday, 5 January 2011


This *was* my photo for today. It shows how ridiculously early for work I was. I start at 9 and normally i get in about 8:45. However for some unknown reason I was in and sitting at my desk for 8:27. However late morning something incredibly exciting (for me) happened......

MY NEW CHAIR ARRIVED!!! I have been trying to get a decent chair for MONTHS, and this was ordered waaaaay back in October. It has about 187 levers and buttons, and even an air pump! It may seem peculiar to get excited over a chair but the regular work chairs are so bad it felt like my spine was collapsing on itself.
Also, he is called Fred. :)


  1. What is that weird screen thing? Also, hello Fred!

  2. its my desk phone.
    Isnt he pretty?