Saturday, 22 January 2011


Myself, my older sister Eileen and my younger sister Sarah all went for a walk in the woods today.

Awwww, sisterly love

I climbed up a tree, and down a hole.

Sarah climbed down the worlds smallest hill backwards and a slow as a wee old lady as she was concerned that she may fall and break her tail bone. Eileen was not impressed. I almost had a hernia laughing.

Sarah and Eileen hid behind trees

We finished the walk with a game of Pooh sticks in the luggie. I won twice, however that was only because the other 2 sticks never appeared under the bridge. We suspect either a beaver or troll stole them.

Finally a nice bit of scenery.

I am going to take a photo once a month from this point, just to see how it changes through the seasons.


  1. Such a nice afternoon, the pictures are cracking! (I almost wrote crackers there, but that would be quite apt too)

  2. they are good pics. i'm glad i had my camera with me. the 365 thing is proving quite good as i almost always have my camera about my person

  3. Twas a lovely day, ladies. Thanking you both kindly for a pleasant walk x

  4. It looks like you have a lovely day. I have figured out that the hand in Jennifer's photo up there is Sarah's.