Friday, 21 January 2011


The Fog was a horror film, right? Well my drive home from the train station was a bit like a horror film. The fog was so bad in places I could barely see 15 feet infront of me and I was doing about 15mph. Its at those times, in a horror film, you expect the crazy murderer to either suddenly appear standing in the middle of the road causing the star of the movie to swerve wildly and crash into a field and so the film continues with a game of cat and mouse through a dark forest. Or the murderer would pop up from the back seat and slash the throat of the driver. Neither are nice things to be imagining when driving alone, in thick fog on unlit roads that are lined by only fields and trees and the odd house (that is home to a crazy old person who turns out to actually be the murderer). :(


  1. Looks very very chilly, but not very scary, just foggy. Well maybe a wee tiny bit scary.

  2. there were no murderers in shot. they were hiding.

  3. Murderers always hide, like we have time to play hide and see when we're running for our lives!
    In other news, your new post did not update in my 'watched blogs' list on my own blog :S