Monday, 24 January 2011


Mon petite automobile!! It has returned!
My big brother, Graeme, asked to borrow my car 'for a wee while' before Christmas. His car was sick and he needed a car for work so, being a wonderful sister, I said yes. Little did I realise I would be sans car for a month. Despite being able to borrow my dad's car (one of the perks of living at home) I have missed my wee car so much!
However it has been a source of amusement as apparently my brother has got quite alot of stick from people because, as you can see, my car has pink windscreen wipers and pink butterflies on it. It also has them going up the sides. My car also has a funny little knack of not starting at really inappropriate times. Like in a petrol station for example. This lead to burley gentlemen saying things like 'D'ye need a jump start, luv?' before realising my 6'4 brother is sitting in the driving seat. Hee hee.

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  1. Hurrah!
    Also, LOL at the burly guy calling Graeme 'luv'.