Thursday, 24 February 2011


This is the space shuttle Discovery preparing for its final voyage into space. I sat and watched the live video feed for over 40 minutes waiting for it to blast off. I was all excited as at one point they thought it may not go ahead because someones computer in NASA HQ got the blue screen of death.....28 seconds before blast off this happened:


  1. You would probably be able to see it again on BBC iPlayer. Though it's not quite the same as seeing it when it happens.

  2. It didnt just happen to you. I'd spent all day watching the countdown and the interviews beforehand. Over 8 hours I think in total and decide to go to bed just about 5 minutes before the launch so I closed the browser and headed up stairs.

    The next time I could get the feed to work was 3 minutes after take off.
    *insert unhappy face here*