Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So I headed up north to go to my presentation for the charity trip I did last year. This here is the Bridge of Orchay.

There was part of the West Highland Way just behind the bridge and river, so I had a wee nosey. Atleast I can say I have done part of it, even if that was only about 5 steps.

Some lovely scenery from the carpark at the Bridge of Orchay.

It rained the entire day so this is a good representation of our view in the car.
We also got some
due to the weather

Finally, this is me and my Uncle Ken just before we set off for the Rotary meeting where we were going for me to do my presentation. Sadly I didnt get a picture of the presentation in progress. It went very well, and generally had a lovely day. Except on the way home, as the snow chased us all the way.

eta - Also, I am 100% certain Jimmy Saville, of Jim'll Fix It fame, was hanging out in the foyer of the hotel we were in.

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