Friday, 8 July 2011


Tonight I was meant to be going to Kirstys house for a birthday DVD night but unfortunately her house became a plague house and she had to cancel for the safety of humanity. Lyndsay came to the rescue and let me, Eileen and Sarah descend upon her abode.

She fed us Kramola Fizz (the replacement for Cremola Foam, a staple at my Grans house when we were growing up. It was pretty awesome)
Sarah and Eileen created Sherry Bombs (teaspoon of Kramola Fizz mix licked off the back of your hand, and then washed down with a sip of sherry)
Sarah approved of them. I declined the offer to try one. I was quite happy with my glass of raspberry flavoured God water.
Mum also made me a birthday cake, which Sarah decorated (of course. Its her role in the family now...)
I enjoyed my cake. It was a nice wee evening all in. I also got some lovely presents. I have been well and truly spoiled this year.

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