Sunday, 24 July 2011


Today I awoke from my slumber to find that the weather was beautiful and I didn't have much on my agenda, so I planned to have a Lazy Sunday. However my dad had other plans. He called me from my room and asked for me to give him 'a wee hand in the garden'. That 'wee hand' ended up with me weeding, sweeping and shovelling the entire driveway. You may not think that is much of a big deal but my driveway isn't a wee 2 car drive way. My driveway is gigantic!

This picture is me standing at the top and the black arrow is the bottom.
This is me standing where the black arrow was and the red arrow is where I stood at the top. Its safe to say my muscles hurt, I am sunburnt and I have blistered on my thumbs. To top it all off, once I had finished I whacked myself on the shin with the spade then just about ripped my toenail off. Gardening - bad for your health

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