Friday, 6 May 2011


This picture is of a print out of an email that went back and forth between me and my younger sister Sarah today. It started with her sending an email saying 'TGIF!' - Thank goodness its Friday. I responded with 'TCIF!' - Thank Crunchie its Friday. After that point it descended into madness. The general gist of it all was one of us would send the first letter of each word in a sentence/song lyric/film quote and we would substitute one word for Friday. The other then had to guess what all the letters stood for. Most notable ones are:
SOOBATTTK,PMACOF - it stood for 'Stumble out of bed and tumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of Friday! Sarah's guess was 'Somewhere on our big plane the topical treatment kills, People may accumulate coins on Friday'
TEOTF - it stood for 'Total Eclipse of the Friday'. I guessed 'Triceritops eats only tragic Friday.'

It certainly brightened up my Friday.


  1. I love that you not only printed this off, but also took a picture. Epic win!

  2. it was worth it, it had to be shared!!