Sunday, 22 May 2011


Today we Raced for Life!! The day started off freezing, wet and miserable. None of us were overly thrilled at the prospect of trudging 5 kilometres in the cold and wet but thankfully through the race the weather brightened up. Kirsty finished first out of us with an impressive 53 minutes, me and Eileen finished together at 54 minutes (knocking 9 minutes of my time last year and 15 off Eileens) and Sarah and Mum finished together at 1 hour 6 minutes. It was Mums first Race for Life after she kicked cancers butt last year. In the end it was a great day. As soon as I got home I slunked into a hot Radox bath and crawled into my bed for a couple of hours. Go Team Goldie Girls!!!

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