Monday, 7 March 2011


Today has been a very good day. There were many things that made it so good. Firstly I was off work on a wee holiday, and there for got a lie in. Secondly I went to Eileens and hung out with her and her terrible trio, who were all on top form. Andrew, Lewis and I played some board games. Elise in particular was hilarious and even gave me my first ever kiss and cuddle from her when I left. She's usually very particular about who and when she gives kisses or cuddles too but, somehow, I got on her good side today :). Thirdly we had stovies for dinner, which were tres tasty. Finally, and possibly the most exciting thing of the day........I found French set yogurts in Asda!!

You may think 'So what!' but I LOVE French set yogurts. We were basically brought up on them and, in recent times, they have become very difficult to come by. I have been keeping an eye out for them for months and months and finally I have found them. I've already had 2 today, and I think I may go have another one!! Next on my food mission is MacIntosh red apples. Haven't seen them in a good couple of years!


  1. I'm sure I've seen MacIntosh apples, are they the super shiny ones?

  2. yes the red shiny ones. if you do see them can you buy me some?